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Allied Protection Call Blocking Phone CBP950


The ideal solution to block unsolicited sales calls, charity calls, phone frauds/scams, robocalls & more!

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Frauds harms 25 million people every year
Nearly 11% of the adult population in the US is affected by FRAUD every year.

Robocalls complaints are soaring in the US & Abroad
Based on complaint statistics from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC), telemarketing complains have risen from 150,393 to nearly 4 million in 2012 in the United States.

Increased unsolicited telemarketing activities
Despite the government efforts with programs such as the Do Not Call list, unwanted telemarketers continue to ring home phones several times a day.  In addition, loopholes to the Do Not Call rules, permit charities and political organiSations to continue calling even if your number is on the ‘Do Not Call’ list.

Technology misused by Con Artists
Technology is letting con artists to manipulate Caller ID to hide real phone numbers they are calling from (also called “Spoofing”).

Resistance from Local Phone Companies
Call blocking services offered by local phone companies are ineffective and costly (requiring monthly recurrent fees).  Also, local phone companies are resistant to adopt technology to prevent telemarketing calls because they fear it might prevent legitimate calls.     

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Key Features

Block 100% Robo Calls.

Stop All Junk Calls, Election Calls, Survey Calls.

9999 Number Capacity The world's only Dual Mode Blocker.

Basic Mode has a 9999 Number capacity Advanced Mode has a unique 'Stop and Check' system.

Blocks 100% robo calls, stops all junks calls and faxes. Blocks all.

It doesn't matter if the caller is on black list or not. Easy, intuitive big button operation. No programming required. Just plug in and block.

Bring sanity and peace back to your home. Works with all landline, Cable, DSL, VOIP services. Requires Caller ID service.